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About Us

Aaron’s Apothecary stemmed from a life-long dream that the owner and founder, Aaron Pietrykowski nurtured throughout the years.

Through his extensive travels, Aaron used his impressions of some of the great pharmacies of the world to revive a trade that fell victim to modern times. Within seconds of entering his Chicago boutique, the hands of time are turned back, and the grandeur of the apothecary is reborn.

“I opened Aaron’s Apothecary because of my strong conviction that a pharmacy experience should be more than just a 45-minute wait in a cold, stale environment.  The great pharmacies of old were pillars of their communities in both appearance and service. Old-world Apothecaries represented a time when personal care was met with pride and gratitude. I have set out to recapture this moment in time and revive how glamorous and extraordinary pharmacies once were.”

                                                      – Aaron Pietrykowski, Owner/RPh